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Committed to the environment

We are a company focused on safeguarding beaches and their ecosystem.

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Local consumption philosophy

We focus on promoting local trade and products as well as collaboration with other local businesses.

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We are a Mexican family business totally committed to the environment and focused on the Mexican and foreign public. Our philosophy is based on group collaboration in every way.

Our services are from classes, rent and sale (mainly surf, kitesurf, paddle, wake, foil - we have given skimboard and skate classes). We have very specific classes, we attack very particular niches and we are very flexible, always adapting to the level of the student.

Shop and cafeteria of handmade products

Surf Cafe, is a new vegan cafe focused on medicinal, organic and local food. You can enjoy very simple drinks and snacks with possible increase of food.

We also have products in bulk and without plastic for sale, our idea is to have many of the inputs that use the coffee in the menu available so you can take the concept of health and welfare to your home.