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In paddle, we can paddle standing or even on our knees. It is quite easy to learn, and it is not high risk. We are fortunate to be able to…

9am - 12pm

Foil (hydrofoil)

Foiling has become the most attractive water sport. It requires a lot of practice and balance, but the feeling of being able to control this board is too rewarding! It…

9am - 12pm

Water skiing

Our ski classes are designed for children, but anyone can learn! It is the ideal sport to introduce you to the world of water sports as a child, since it…

9am - 12pm


Waking is a very fun sport but it is also somewhat demanding. We teach classes with jet skis to facilitate the process, but we also offer special boat rentals to…

9am - 5pm


Skim can also be considered a perfect introductory sport to the world of sea sports, and it is not as simple as it seems, therefore sometimes it is important to…

9am - 5pm


We work mainly with surf-style skateboards, and we specialize in this discipline but we also teach normal skateboards, longboards or any style. We offer level classes! It is a sport…