Kite surf

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is an action sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing into one extreme sport. A kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water, land, or snow.

Compared to the other sailing sports, kiteboarding is both among the less expensive (including equipment) and the more convenient. It is also unique in that it harvests the wind energy from a much larger atmosphere volume, comparing to sail size.

Best Seasons:Every day (subject to weather)
Popular Location:Nuevo Vallarta / Bucerias / Destiladeras / Litibu

Kite surf Classes

Kitesurfing is practiced by flying an immense kite (kite) which propels us with the force of the wind, and skiing over the water with a board.



    The kite is a perfect combination of different sports and the result is something extraordinary! It takes time and practice to learn, but since you master it, you can access endless different tricks, disciplines, places and boards. So many seas…

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