Paddleboarding participants are propelled by a swimming motion using their arms while lying, kneeling, or standing on a paddleboard or surfboard in the ocean. This article refers to traditional prone or kneeling paddleboarding. A derivative of paddleboarding is stand up paddleboarding also called stand up paddle surfing.

Paddleboarding is usually performed in the open ocean, with the participant paddling and surfing unbroken swells to cross between islands or journey from one coastal area to another. Champion paddlers can stroke for hours and a 20-mile (32 km) race is only a warm-up for well-trained paddlers.

Best Seasons:Spring, Summer, Winter
Popular Location:Nuevo Vallarta / Punta Mita / Los Arcos

Paddleboarding Classes

Enjoy going out to row in the calm channels or to the sea! You can see the sunsets and even find whales and dolphins.


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    In paddle, we can paddle standing or even on our knees. It is quite easy to learn, and it is not high risk. We are fortunate to be able to go out to row in this paradise, without traffic! The…

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